Finland case farm 3

Farm type: Organic dairy farm
Staff: Only one family labour


Livestock: 10 dairy cows
Milk production:(litres per cow per year) 7 000 litres


Land data:
Size: 19 hectares
Soil type: Medium


Spring barley 3 hectares
Spring oats 4 hectares


Forage and land use:
Temporary grassland for silage 9 hectares
Temporary pasture: 3 hectares


Feeding strategy: Ad libitum feeding
How much of feed is roughage? 70%


Local engagement:
Permissive access to the farm, about 5 visitor group events per year


Energy usage per year:
Tractor diesel: 3 500 litres
Electricity (farm usage only): 16 400 kWh

Total NPK balance in kg:

IN OUT Balance
N 2.509 379 2.130
P 31 69 -38
K 145 98 -47

Biodiversity and nature conservation:
No conservation plan
No permanent pasture or woodland


Rapid sustainability analysis:

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