Related EU projects

Related EU projects
– will provide a vision of the future of the livestock sector under climate change.

Multisward (
– will support developments and innovations in grassland use and management in different European farming systems (including low-input and organic).

LowInputBreeds (
– will improve animal health,  product quality and  performance of organic and “low input” production systems.

Ruminomics (
– will integrate expertise and technologies to increase rumen efficiency and decrease the environmental footprint of ruminant production.

Rednex (
– will develop innovative and practical management approaches for dairy cows that reduce N excretion into the environment.

RobustMilk (
– will develop new practical technologies to allow breeders to re-focus their selection to include milk quality and dairy cow robustness.

SMEthane (
– aims to provide a technological platform for SME’s to develop and progress further knowledge on the successful use of nutritional additives to reduce methane (CH4) emissions from ruminants.

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