Denmark Case farm 2

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“Not bigger, but constantly better”

The farm was converted to organic agriculture in the 1970s by the parents of the current owner.  It is a family farm, where both parents are farmer educated. The farmers have a very clear goal: ‘this farm should not grow bigger, but constantly better’ which is a major reason for considering them pattern breakers among many Danish farmers. They have a very clear goal of minimizing medicine use through health promotion in the herd, and they want to keep the farm as uncomplicated as possible, e.g. through seasonal calving patterns. Yet, they have participated in many research projects for new innovations and developments.

Farm type: Organic dairy cows, Denmark
Staff: 175 hours of casual help per year


Dairy cows: 48
Milk production (litres per cow per year): 4792

Land data:
Size: 63,9 ha.
Soil type: Heavy

Oats: 7,9 ha.
Rye: 6,7 ha.

Temporary pasture, 1st year: 12,8 ha
Temporary pasture, 2nd year: 12,8 ha
Temporary pasture, 3rd year+: 12,8 ha
…………………..Low input/rough grazing: 2,6 ha
…………………..Mooreland: 3,3 ha
…………………..Other non agricultural land: 5 ha

How much of the feed is roughage? 61-79 %
Feding strategy: Ad lib feed

Local engagement:
Local sales: 20 % of total sale
5 visitor events per year

 Energy usage per year:
Tractor diesel: 2998 litres
Electricity (farm usage only): 22199 kW

  Total NPK balance in kg:

IN OUT Balance
N 7.994 1.254 6.741
P 309 219 91
K 372 345 27

Biodiversity and nature conservation:
Permanent pasture: 4,01 %


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Please note: All data above is from 2010 and may vary from year to year.
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