Newly puplished article – Organic and Low-Input Dairy Farming: Avenues to Enhance Sustainability and Competitiveness in the EU

The objectives of the EU-funded project SOLID were to evaluate competitiveness and environmental sustainability of organic and low-input systems, to investigate ways to increase their profitability, and to disseminate knowledge to key stakeholder groups.

Visit SOLIDs new website – targeted farmers, advisors and students

farmadvicelogoOn you can read about the outcome of the European project ‘SOLID’ and learn about how to improve sustainable organic and low-input dairying.

The website covers three areas which the project believes are particularly important for organic and low-input farming:

  • Feeding of ruminants with forage-based diets and home-grown feeds
  • Animal management for health and welfare
  • And wider issues of the environment and economics.

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