Austria Case farm 1

See the rapid sustainability analysis (‘spiderweb’) for this farm (pdf)
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Farm type: Organic
No staff, only family labour


Dairy cows: 17
Breeding bull: 1.
Pigs: 35-105 kg: 36
…………………..Laying hens: 25
……………….Milk production:
(litres per cow per year)  4700 l

Land data:
Size: 22,2 ha
Soil type: Chalk and limestone soil

No crop production

Forage and land use:
13 ha Permanent pasture – medium clover content
4 ha permanent pasture low input/rough grazing – medium clover content
5 ha forest

Feeding strategy: Ad libitum. Feeding
How much of the feed is roughage? > 90 %

Local engagement:
Public access, about 100 visitors come through the farm gate.
information board, farm walks, website, farmers’ market.

Energy usage per year:
Tractor diesel: 1.840 litres
Electricity (farm usage only): 3.447 kWh

Total NPK balance in kg:

IN OUT Balance
N 2.621 369 2.252
P 106 74 32
K 174 70 103

Biodiversity and nature conservation:

No conservation plan, participation environmental programmes.
Permanent pasture: 17 ha, woodland: 5 ha

Rapid sustainability analysis:

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Please note: All data above is from 2010 and may vary from year to year.
See background info on all Austrian farms examined
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