SOLID Presentations

SOLID is well presented at various conferences, meetings etc. around Europe. On this page you find information and material from the many presentations.

Solid’s final conference

  • Find the presentations from SOLID’s final conference in Brussels, March 2016 – here.

SOLID at the Organic World Congress

  • Get an overview of all SOLID presentations from the Organic World Congress 2014 in Istanbul – here.
  • Find material and information from the SOLID workshop on Participatory Research in Practice: Challenges, Opportunities and Developing Ideas around the World – here.

 SOLID at the EAAP Annual Meetings

  • Find presentations from the EAAP Annual Meetings here.

SOLID at the Scientific Seminar on Organic Food in Finland, 2014

  • Abstract from the Scientific Seminar on Organic Food, Finland – here.

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