SOLID Workshop for UK dairy farmers

The partners in the SOLID project invite UK dairy farmers to participate in the Practical Sustainability Assessment Workshop which will be held at The Organic Research Centre in Berkshire on Wednesday September 24, 2014.

This workshop will provide an overview of sustainability assessment methods and the various carbon footprinting tools available for UK dairy farmers. New methods for including soil carbon changes and biodiversity indicators within sustainability assessments will also be presented.

The day will consist of a mix of practical sessions (i.e. trying out existing tools and methods), feedback sessions and speaker presentations.


Rapid Sustainability Analysis

An important initial step in addressing the development of more sustainable dairy farming in the SOLID project has been to gain a better understanding of commercial organic and low input farms in terms of their current environmental, social and financial sustainability. This was achieved by undertaking an assessment of 102 farms in 9 countries, involving farms from the SMEs participating in SOLID.

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