Conference on sustainable dairy farming in Northern Europe

helsinkiThe SOLID Workshop “Organic and low-input dairying” – an option to Northern European Dairy Sector?” was held in Helsinki, Finland on 27-28 October 2015.

The majority of participants epresented various Finnish stakeholder groups with delegates from other Nordic countries and the Baltic countries as well.

The presentations covered findings from all work packages of the project. Additional presentations were also given, where the role of organic dairy production in the Northern Europe was evaluated. We also received an update of another EU FP7 project “Ruminomics”.

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Conference on future challenges to sustainable dairying

SOLID_conf16On January 26-27, 2016 a SOLID conference was held in Bristol on the future sustainability of organic and low-input milk production. Challenges and solutions were on the agenda.

The conference in Bristol , aimed at farmers, consultants, scientists, dairy processors and feed producers, will present and debate the outcomes of the Sustainable Organic and Low- Input Dairying (SOLID) project. We will focus on practical strategies to implement the findings of the project by farmers.

Speakers from Aberystwyth University, OMSCO, Aarhus University and the Agricultural University in Vienna will introduce the challenges of low-input and organic milk production as well as reporting on project results in relation to breeding objectives, breed choice, forage utilisation and animal health. Farmers who were actively involved in the project will present their experiences. More about the conference

Workshop in Romania: Dairy production in Eastern Europe

eastern europeSOLID & The National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition, Romania, invite you to attend the workshop:

“DAIRY LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION IN EASTERN EUROPE” October 15-16, 2015 – Balotesti, Romania

Preliminary workshop programme

Further information in English  and Romanian


Dairy livestock production in Southern Europe

The Workshop on “dairy livestock production in Southern Europe” took place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 10th-11 th September 2015. The delegates included major stakeholders in livestock production from Greece and neighbour countries as well as researchers and producers.

The workshop opened by the Greek Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Demetrios Melas who gave a welcome speech. Then the Deputy Head of Rural Economy of the Regional Government of Central Macedonia, Mr Ioannis Taxmazidi, presented some key issues regarding the importance of livestock production in the Region of Central Macedonia. During the rest of the workshop the latest developments in the global livestock sector were presented with special reference to Mediterranean countries.

Moreover the outputs from the EU FP7 project SOLID were presented by some of the speakers particularly as they relate to the Mediterranean region. Keynote speakers from different countries presented the dynamics of different livestock sectors in Greece and worldwide.

The presentations explored a wide range of issues covering the most important ruminant species relating to research and technology in production, novel products, quality and safety, as well as common agricultural policy (CAP). Emphasis was given to the dynamics of the livestock sector and its implications for sustainable development. In this respect the results of the SOLID project were specifically adressed. Details of the scientific program as well as the presentation of all speaker can be found below: