Participatory Research in Practice: Challenges, Opportunities and Developing Ideas around the World

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As part of the 18th IFOAM Organic World Congress in Istanbul 2014, SOLID and FiBL co-organized a workshop on participatory research in practice.

Read more about the workshop and find relevant information material.

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Practical Sustainability Workshop Report


In the end of September, a workshop on the topic of practical sustainability assessment for dairy producers was held in the UK. It provided an opportunity to gather feedback from farmers, consultants and stakeholders on the current SOLID results on this topic.

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Adapted breeds for organic and low input dairy systems

Austrian cows grazing an alpine pasturelille

Part of SOLID is to understand how contrasting genotypes adapt to a systematic restriction of nutrient and energy supply. In new studies, a number of genotypes identified as being adapted to organic and low input systems were compared with conventional breeds.

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Farmers keen to engage in participatory research

On-farm research is a new and efficient tool, which may be helpful to assess good cultivation practices with farmers. As part of SOLID WP1, a number of successful trials were carried out in Finland – demonstrating the advantages of participatory research for both farmers and researchers.

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The typical-farm concept for assessing competitiveness in low-input dairy farming

malkekvæg7Tuning a consistent information flow between models is a main challenge, since huge variation exists across countries. WP6 has created a new definition and characterization of a typical low input dairy farm, intending to be a better anchor for information flow between different modelling levels.

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